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Energy insights for New Zealand.

Ahiko provides independent, secure and trusted energy analysis for New Zealand.

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Get started with Ahiko

Understanding your electricity consumption can be a complex puzzle, with numerous variables and confusing data to decipher. Ahiko simplifies the process, making it effortless for you to understand your electricity consumption data and analyse your costs.


Whether you're looking to optimise your energy usage, reduce costs, or minimise your carbon footprint, Ahiko is here to help. Just follow the steps below. 

Ahiko Reach out to us

1. Reach out to us

Send us an email at We'll reply with confirmation and next steps. It's that simple. 

Ahiko Request your usage data

2. Request your usage data

We’ll help you connect with your existing electricity provider to obtain usage data for your address.

Ahiko Send your usage data to Ahiko

3. Send your usage data to Ahiko

Once you receive your usage file from your electricity provider, email it to us at

Ahiko Pay and recieve your report

4. Pay & receive your report

Once we have your usage file and a payment confirmation, we will send you a personalised insights and pricing plan comparison report.

About the report ➡️

Ahiko Comprehensive report

Built for New Zealand households.

Our comprehensive report not only helps you understand your usage patterns but also reveals potential savings you could enjoy by adjusting your consumption or switching plan.

Our mission is clear: to put the power of transparent data back into the hands of New Zealanders. No more deciphering complicated bills or navigating confusing plans. Let our report transform the way you view your electricity costs and make more informed decisions.


Welcome to a brighter and more transparent future for New Zealand households.

What our customers say ➡️

What our customers say


"Ahiko analysed our energy data and basically told us that we were spending more than we needed to be. They then suggested an alternative energy provider and plan based on our energy consumption behaviour, and since changing, we have been saving around $100/month. Awesome service."

Arthur, North Island

"I'm really a number's guy and I love data! While I had figured out how to check my power consumption on my provider's website, I wasn't able to really do much with it until Ahiko provided me with a pattern analysis and clear recommendations on what provider would be best for my usage."

Guillaume, North Island

"Akiho identified a change of provider that is now saving me 20% off my power bill each month. That's $500+ of extra money in my pocket a year. And it couldn't have been easier."

Dan, North Island

"I had never really given any thought to the power plan or provider I was with. Ahiko gave me a great summary of my real power consumption data from the past 2 years and provided some good insights into our usage. It showed there was a better plan for me with a different provider, thereby saving me some money."

Mat, North Island

Get started today

Ahiko is ready to help you start your journey towards a smarter, more sustainable future. Join us today.

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